Review Of The Top 10 CBD Oil Products To Buy On The Market Today

Is it possible to take cannabis without getting high? Yes. That is because of Cannabidiol (abbreviated as CBD oil). So, before deep diving into top 10 oils and products on the market today, understand what CBD oil is, its benefits, and other important basics.


What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a compound naturally found in cannabis. Unlike THC, which gets people high, CBD oil is purely non-psychoactive. This means it does not get users high.

What Is CBD Oil Used For?

CBD oil can be used to ease anxiety as well as insomnia. It can also be used to treat Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis in addition to Parkinson’s disease. CBD is effective in alleviating seizures caused by epilepsy. Moreover, if you want to relieve all pains of the muscles and joints that are caused by spinal cord injuries as well as conditions like arthritis, then CBD oil might be your answer.

Many types of cannabis extract are all-natural and organic, while others are more processed.

Since CBD oil possess powerful anti-inflammatory properties, it could also be used to treat patients suffering from chronic inflammation,

Is CBD Oil Legal?

Matters to do with the legality of CBD oil are tricky in nature. As of mid-2017, medical marijuana was legal in about 28 states (including Washington DC). Plus, CBD was permitted in extra 15 states. According to experts, the CBD market is likely to reach $3 billion by the year 2021. Even though CBD oil can be purchased online, transporting it across the FDA states is illegal. However, distributors can transport it around—but they must ensure that the levels of THC are kept low.

Back to top 10 CBD oil and CBD products

CBD oil has lots of uses as well as benefits. They include relieving chronic pain, reducing anxiety, stopping seizures, plus fighting cancer. But, how do you establish the best CBD-based oil? And what is the best hemp-based oil?

Want to try CBD oil but you are unsure where to start from? Well, don’t worry. This article is going to highlight the top 10 CBD oil products and help you buy them, with confidence.

Pure Kana-based CBD Oil

Manufactured from hemp oil that is rich in CBD, Pure Kana CBD oil products won’t get you high and are available in about 50 US states. These products are non-GMO and don’t contain any pesticides and solvents. What’s more, Pure Kana CBD oil has been tested by 3rd party labs, making them highly safe and of high quality. Pure Kane oil can be either plain or vanilla/mint-flavored. Also, you can get CBD gummies, tropical, as well as capsules.

Green Roads World

Green Roads World, a CBD oil product created by pharmacists with more than 20 years of experience, aims at providing the best CBD-based oil and hemp products and act as an alternative to more toxic pain, anxiety, as well as depression products.

Green Road World makes products of different sizes & strengths. Plus, you can also obtain CBD capsules, syrups, plus edibles.

Mary’s Nutritionals

Mary’s Nutritionals, a hemp-based CBD oil, is manufactured by the Mary’s Medicinals. Since this is a CBD-rich hemp product, it’s legal in all the 50 US states. Mary’s Nutritionals manufactures a range of high-quality products, including CBD oil-based products, topicals, as well as transdermal patches. Irrespective of your condition, you can count on this brand to give you the best product that benefits your health.

 Aura CBD

Aura CBD, which forms part of the Elite California series of cannabis products, is made from CBD-THC plant in equal ratio. There are various CBD vape oils of this kind: Ascend, which contains a 1:1CBD: THC ratio, Glow with a 3:1 CBD: THC ratio, and Essential, which has a 24:1 CBD: THC ratio with no psychoactive effects. Essentially, there’s an Aura product for everyone or any condition.
CW Charlotte’s Web

The CW CBD hemp products are created using the high CBD strain, called Charlotte’s Web. These cannabis-based products are available as oils, hemp-infused topicals, and capsules. If you or your loved one has Dravet’s syndrome, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, depression, anxiety, or any other ailment, consider using this product on a daily basis.

In 2013, a six-year-old girl who had Dravet’s syndrome was treated with CW Charlotte’s Web and she experienced significant relief from her intractable seizures.


Wildflower is another reputable company that makes an extensive range of CBD oil products, including CBD vape pens, cooling/healing sticks, soap, and capsules for quick relief from joint as well as muscle pain. All their products are about wellness, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose because they’re all bound to help you feel better.

 Infinite CBD

Infinite CBD utilizes hemp-derived cannabinoid isolates, which are entirely THC-free. While delivering superior quality CBD oil benefits, these products don’t cause any intoxication effects. Infinite CBD specializes in the production of CBD gummies, isolate droppers, CBD suppositories, capsules, as well as CBD vape pens. Certain products produced by this company are infused with CBD terpenes to add entourage effects and some extra flavor.

 Kin Slips

Though new on the market, Kin Slips are CBD-infused strips which dissolve quickly on the tongue for fast-acting relief. These products are dope because they’re easily absorbed into the blood and bring significant relief from numerous conditions within 15 minutes. Kin Strips are available in numerous blends, most of which contain CBD. You could opt for their Park Life CBD strip, which contains 10 milligrams of CBD, and terpenes.

 Island Cannabis Co.’s CBD oil Minis

Island creates unique packs of pre-rolled joints which come in two different sizes: mini & premium. All their joints are hand-rolled in all-natural organic hemp paper. Even more, all Island cannabis plants are artisanal, grown naturally and thoroughly tested to ensure maximum safety and purity. Try out their CBD minis for incredible CBD oil benefits. Every mini joint found in this 5-pack consists of 0.5 grams of CBD-rich flower.

 Luce Farm Vermont

Luce Farm produces high-quality CBD hemp products. All their hemp plants are 10 percent organic and are grown outwards in Vermont. The company uses the hemp oil extracts to create hemp honey, hemp topical balm, and hemp coconut oil.



According to clinical trials on both animals and humans, CBD oil possesses powerful anti-psychotic properties. Thus, medicinal products made from this oil can be effective in treating psychosis like schizophrenia.

CBD Oil Dosage

CBD oil dosage varies from one individual to another. Plus, the dosage is also dependent on the severity of the disease one is trying to remedy. But generally, the following guideline is used to determine the CBD dosage.

  • Chronic pain –Take five milligrams of CBD per day until your pain subsides.
  • Multiple sclerosis – Those suffering from multiple sclerosis should take 80 milligrams of CBD oil per day for two to three weeks to soothe MD symptoms.
  • Medicinal applications – For medical-related applications, take 25 mg of CBD oil per day, twice per day.

However, if this dosage is not enough to calm your symptoms, gradually increase the dosage to reach 25 milligrams per day over 3 to 4 weeks.

Are CBD Oil-based products Legal?

CBD oil is legal in certain countries such as the USA (part of it). However, in some countries, including UAE, Dubai, as well as Saudi Arabia, CBD oil is completely restricted/banned. This means it is illegal to use CBD oil-based products in these countries. Although CBD is illegal in most states in the United States of America, some have passed various legislations that permit its use albeit for medical purposes only.

By March 2018, only 17 stares had legalized the use of CBD oil in the USA. They include:

  • Alabama and Georgia
  • Indiana and Iowa states
  • Kentucky and Mississippi states
  • Missouri and North Carolina states
  • Oklahoma and South Carolina states
  • South Dakota and Wisconsin states
  • Wyoming and Tennessee states
  • Texas and Utah states
  • Virginia

But before rushing into using CBD oil, it is advisable to get the opinion of your doctor.

Relieves Pain

CBD oil has powerful analgesic properties—a reason why most doctors recommend it for treating chronic pain, such as back pain and pain resulting from full-body cancer. CBD works by disrupting the pain receptors’ activity in your body and releasing neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. These neurotransmitters bring the “feel good” effect—thus easing discomfort as well as pain.

Treats Nausea

Since CBD oil is purely non-psychotropic, it can be used to treat both nausea and vomiting. It works by activating certain body autoreceptors, causing antiemetic and anti-nausea effects.

Reduces Drug Relapses

Cannabis sativa has a non-psychoactive constituent known as Cannabidiol. This constituent can be used to therapeutically treat psychiatric disorders. In particular, it can be used to fight chronic alcohol and cocaine addiction. What this means is that it can reduce alcohol as well as drug relapses.

Uses of CBD Oil

CBD hemp oil comes with a myriad of uses. Plus, it can be taken it different forms, including:

  • Capsules liquid oil
  • Tinctures and sublingual supplements
  • Paste oil or sprays
  • Salves and creams
  • Edible forms like candies and sweets.
  • Users can also inhale CBD oil using vapor-releasing pens

Is Hemp and CBD Oil Same?

Hemp oil, unlike its CBD oil counterpart, is extracted from the hemp plant – typically the industrial-based hemp. What this means is that the number of cannabinoids naturally present in hemp oil is relatively low. In fact, according to clinical studies, the amount of CBD in hemp oil is close to 0 percent. On the other hand, the CBD content in CBD hemp oil is slightly more than 15%!

Caution: Be cautious of manufacturers are marketing natural hemp oil for treating cancer, inflammatory, and other medicinal applications. Remember, its only CBD oil that possesses these medicinal properties.

A New NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil Review



CBD is all the rage now in the medical community. There is almost always some sort of buzz about it and people can’t help but marvel at the many wonders medical cannabis has now been discovered it is able to do. Nobody can discredit it anymore because there are countless testimonials proving that medical cannabis works and that their lives have forever been changed for the better. Patients suffering from the most chronic and debilitating of conditions that often don’t have a cure. The most notable of all was the story of the young Charlotte whose life was forever changed with the help of medical cannabis. Her parents did not hesitate to move to Colorado just so their daughter can have a chance for a new lease in life. But if you aren’t well-versed in the field, you might wonder why CBD?


What’s with CBD?

The hemp plant or cannabis is naturally rich in cannabinoids. The most popular of which is Tetrahydrocannabinol otherwise known as THC. This cannabinoid has psychoactive properties and habit forming too, which is why it earned a nasty reputation the world over and the reason why the word marijuana is highly stigmatized in society. But here comes CBD or cannabidiol. CBD-rich cannabis strains have been bred much later than those with THC. It is the reason for the rising popularity of medical cannabis right now.


NuLeaf Naturals

Since everyone seems like they want a piece of the cannabis pie, many have joined in on the bandwagon and are selling their own cannabis line as well. It has become twice as tricky to look for the best CBD product out there that is safe and effective to use and won’t put a big dent in your wallet too. And then here comes NuLeaf Naturals. They take pride in calling themselves as the premier CBD oil company in the entire world. The question is, do they really deserve to be labeled as one?



Are popular nutrition supplements actually worth the money?

It is undeniable, the health and wellness industry is a multi-billion dollar one and has been like that for a while now especially when the baby boomers entered their senior years. The majority of the population are simply just getting more health-conscious now. You can’t blame them as the morbidity and mortality rates keep getting higher not to mention the various risk factors that continue to threaten human health. Not even the advancements in technology that we have made are able to prolong human life. People still get sick and death is a constant reminder of our frailty. Despite this reality, it does not mean that we just give up without a fight. We can safeguard our health by taking supplements and hence the rise of the supplement’s popularity. Here at Nutrition Pros we want to make it abundantly clear that this really is the case.


Now and then we come across a supposedly wonder pill that can make all your pains and aches go away. Sometimes they work but at a cost. Often it has to do with the price other time it’s about the dreadful side effects that are sometimes just as bad as the ailment itself. Most people try to delude themselves into thinking that such a miracle pill exists and that it is the answer to their prayers and restore their health but are they all just pure hype or are there some truth to it? Is there any justice in spending hundreds, if not thousands, on health supplements that do not even have an approved therapeutic claim? Or they work like overpriced placebos that we take in the belief that it will work for us? It is time we all find out. Using something like CBD oil can really skyrocket your results if you are looking to get in shape and decrease anxiety- but other nutritional supplements can be hit or miss.


Most of you probably have a list of supplements you take daily, religiously, meaning with fail. Whether it is a multivitamin supplement that contains as many vitamins and minerals that it can or individually packaged supplements that are meant to target specific body areas or concerns, they still take a chunk of your pay and you willingly do so even with the knowledge that they may or may not work for you at all. Let’s dissect which vitamins are commonly taken by the average American and find out for real if it’s worth every penny you are paying for it. has tested all of these supplements and believes in their efficacy.


  1. Multivitamin – this once-a-day supplement promises to deliver a variety of vitamins and minerals at a time for your ease and convenience. You no longer have to chug down several pills at a time because you got your multivitamin covered. However, studies conducted by the American Cancer Society as well as those from the American Cancer Association and the US Preventive Services Task Force discovered that multivitamins aren’t helpful at all in preventing heart disease or cancer meanwhile the National Institutes of Health tells that this popular supplement is likewise not helpful in preventing chronic disease. The verdict is that you just go save your money or spend more on healthier food choices such as eating a balanced diet because what you eat has a bigger impact to the overall state of your health over time.
  2. Vitamin D – this supplement is something that the body can’t make on its own and has to come from external sources like the sun or a Vitamin D pill. If you have low Vitamin D levels, you can definitely benefit from taking the pill so as not to compromise your bone health. Your body is only able to absorb the Calcium and Phosphorus it needs if it has enough vitamin D in the system.
  3. Calcium – despite the abundance of dairy products that are rich in calcium, the calcium levels of most Americans are declining because fewer people drink milk. If you can tolerate drinking milk or other calcium-rich foods and drinks, it is better to take them instead rather than taking a calcium supplement and you might even be able to save yourself from a painful bout of constipation that is a common side effect of calcium supplements. Aside from that, taking calcium supplements puts you at higher risk of having a heart attack and having kidney stones, so better drink that milk or eat calcium-rich foods for the safe and sure way of getting your daily dose of calcium that your body needs.
  4. Vitamin B12 – now, nerve aging is normal as we age but it should not reach the point where it can make living doubly harder for you. Before you reach that point and you find out sooner that your B12 levels are lower than normal, better pop that pill then to ensure normal brain and muscle function and in this case, the supplement beat the food source as stomach acid levels affect absorption.
  5. Fish Oil – another popular supplement to improve cognition and prevent heart disease is fish oil. An excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, it is touted to reduce inflammation as well as promote healthy brain function but it seems that you are better off eating an oily fish rather than add another supplement to pay for.
  6. Magnesium – is a supplement that can save you from the pain of a muscle cramp and help boost magnesium levels of individuals diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease or deteriorating kidney function. However, be prepared to take trips to the toilet for some nasty bouts of diarrhea in case you take higher doses of magnesium apart from notable drug interactions. Hence, better consult your doctor first before adding magnesium to your daily regimen especially if you have pre-existing health conditions that should be taken into consideration.
  7. Glucosamine – let’s not discuss this one further and just cross it out of your list as most studies related to glucosamine showed it merely have placebo effects and no real direct benefit to your health.


There are other supplements out there that promise a cure for this and that but it helps to know which of the supplements listed here is worth your while (and cash). The best recourse here is to increase your intake of healthy food, so you will no longer rely entirely on supplements to work wonders on your body. Food, in general, is still the best source of vitamins and minerals so learn to nourish your body from within and save your money for more important things. As nutrition experts know, and sometimes say in Spanish – “Nutricion” is the way to be a Pro.