Why Coffee & Lion’s Mane Is A Popular Combination

Coffee + Mushroom = Unusual Drink

People’s taste change over the years but there are staples that we can’t seem to live without. One of them is coffee. Millions of people rely on coffee every day to jumpstart their day and give them the energy and focus they need to go about their tasks. They can’t get the caffeine out of their system, which is why they always crave for that steaming hot cup of coffee early in the morning.

Mushroom coffee, some featuring Lion’s Mane, has been written about a lot.

lions mane with coffee

However, we also get to see more and more unusual combinations paired with our favorite coffee drink. As people become more health-conscious, they add up somehow weird ingredients to not only spice up the taste of the coffee but to benefit from potential health benefits the added substance is known for. This is the case with mushroom, to be specific, Lion’s Mane.


Mushroom – A Superfood

Mushroom, in itself, is already considered a superfood. However, your options in consuming it aren’t that many. But when combined with coffee, your options have widened. Chaga mushroom is renowned for its immune-boosting properties. Anyone who drinks mushroom coffee still feels the caffeine rush from the caffeine without the crash that follows once your caffeine fix has been depleted. This is great for coffee drinkers who get jittery and anxious after consuming a lot of caffeine. This is a low-caffeine version that is just as good as any regular coffee. It is also a great antioxidant, so you do not just satiate your coffee craving but it is essentially good for the body too.

lions mane mushroom

Why Add Lion’s Mane to Coffee?

There are many great ways to use the lions mane with coffee combo these days(whether you want it for energy or just overall brain health).

Also called as “hedgehog mushroom” or “bearded tooth fungus”, most people would pass off on having Lion’s Mane included in their diet despite being good for the brain. Mushrooms like Lion’s Mane, Chaga, and reishi are adaptogen-healing plants, which basically heals. But we miss out on all their beneficial effects because not everyone has access to them or have an idea what to do with them either. Having them in your favorite coffee is the perfect solution especially if you drink it on a daily basis.


Mushroom Coffee Benefits

  • Antioxidant (higher than acai, blueberries, and cacao)
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-viral
  • Gut-friendly and heart-friendly
  • Supports cognitive function
  • Regulates metabolism and stress levels
  • Reduces Stress


As more and more people become health-conscious, many healthier options open up for us. Medicinal mushrooms are an example. If coffee and Lion’s Mane did not rise in popularity these days, would we be able to benefit from the health benefits we can only get from mushrooms this easily? They are priced quite reasonably too that there is no reason for a coffee drinker to not be able to afford it. There are also mushroom powders for non-coffee drinkers that can be added to smoothies, blends, and even soups and broths if coffee is not your thing.


Forever change the way you drink coffee

There is no need to give up your daily caffeine fix because you are gradually realizing it is adversely affecting your health. Instead, choose a green alternative like mushroom coffee. It is a win-win solution since you still get to consume your favorite drink with little changes to its flavor but at the same time improve your health. Sleep isn’t affected as well and may even improve. If before you have a hard time sleeping because of the high caffeine in your system, it won’t be a problem anymore. No more feelings of restlessness at night and being unable to sleep because of the lower levels of caffeine.


Times are changing and so are people’s preferences and lifestyle. Going green and opting for a healthier coffee alternative is a sign of the times that living healthily has become a way of life for many. This isn’t just a passing fad, so it is no longer surprising to see unusual plants like mushrooms added to your favorite daily energy booster.